2018 Lingling first folk temple fair and Dongshan scenic area opening ceremony were grand openings

February 12 13:07 2018
Lingling temple fair, Blessing came to the ancient city, 2018 Lingling first folk temple fair and Dongshan scenic area opening ceremony were grand opening

On the morning of February 8, 2018 ( lunar December 23 ), sponsored by the Lingling district Committee of Yongzhou city, Yongzhou city people’s government of Lingling district, Yongzhou city, undertaken by Yongzhou weiguang Huitong ancient town cultural tourism development co., ltd., Yongzhou Lingling tourism construction investment co., ltd., held by Yongzhou Lingling district tourism foreign affairs bureau, Yongzhou city Lingling district style press and publication bureau, Yongzhou Lingling district cultural relics administration, Yongzhou Lingling district culture and art association co., ltd., the opening ceremony of the first folk temple fair and Dongshan scenic area in 2018 opened in Dongshan scenic area qianping grand. The event site visitors such as woven, pomp unprecedented, tens of thousands of people from three Hunan four water, gathered in the ancient city of Yongzhou Lingling in one thousand.


At 10: 18 a.m., a large opening song and dance with Lingling features “drunken Lingling” opened the temple fair activities, Lingling district party Committee, deputy secretary of pan Zhiyuan and Yongzhou TV host Zhong Wei co-chaired the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Wang huaide, chairman of Lingling district tourism construction investment, introduced the situation of Dongshan scenic spot in detail, Wu Yusheng, general manager of Yongzhou weiguang Huitong ancient town cultural tourism development co., ltd., introduced the relevant content of the temple fair, Lingling district party Committee secretary Tang Ye on-site speech warmly welcomed the arrival of citizens and tourists friends, Yongzhou municipal people’s government vice mayor Li Danmei on Yongzhou city tourism work and the significance of the temple fair and Dongshan scenic spot opening activities. In the starting link, Yongzhou vice secretary of municipal party Committee, municipal party Committee politics and law Committee secretary Tang Xianglin, Yongzhou municipal party Committee standing Committee, propaganda minister Liu youbi, Yongzhou municipal people’s government vice mayor Li Danmei, Lingling district party Committee secretary Tang Ye, Yongzhou weiguang Huitong ancient town cultural tourism development co., ltd. general manager Wu Yusheng jointly open the red door, Dongshan scenic area officially opened! 2018 Lingling first folk temple fair officially opened, welcomed the quartet guests!


In the cheerful sound of gongs and drums, festive dragon and lion dance, ten different shapes of theme flower car and more than 200 people dressed in various characteristics of clothing theme phalanx after the display, starting from Dongshan scenic area cultural square, open festive lively flower car parade, with the traditional Chinese way to meet the splendid Lingling temple fair.

It is reported that the main activities of the temple fair will continue from February 8 to February 14. Dongshan scenic area as the commanding heights of Lingling, not only is a gathering of humanistic landscape and natural landscape of the humanistic scenic mountain, the temple Wu temple dual habitat in the country is also the only, its location in the center of the city, also make it become the first choice of leisure and tourists, Dongshan scenic area will be officially opened on February 8, will also become the main venue of the temple fair. The venue is located in Lingling ancient city and liuzongyuan cultural tourism area.In Dongshan scenic area venue, you can watch wonderful circus, can enjoy the local characteristics of the intangible cultural heritage performance, can see the drama in Wu temple, can buy high-quality goods in the house is street; In Lingling ancient city, you can eat all over the world food, can enjoy the traditional acrobatics and exotic folk performances, can understand and experience the folk skills; In liuzi street, you can feel the time through the streets back to the ancient city of one thousand years ago to meet the ancients.

In addition to the three main venue activities, temple fair will be staged during the interaction of different themes every day, whether it’s costume lovers, happy baby, clever housewife or vitality of talent can find suitable for their participation in the activities here. You can also light up new year’s expectations with thousands of people on the Xiao river with river lights on the evening of February 13 on the eve of the new year. Or in the fifteenth day of the first month, with family and friends to Dongshan scenic area and Lingling ancient city flower lights, guessing riddles.


Product culture feast, enjoy colorful Lingling. As the first folk temple fair held in Lingling, this temple fair, on the basis of inheriting Yongzhou and Lingling excellent history and culture, fully integrates the local non-heritage and excellent folk customs, gathers the most authentic food, the most joyful spring festival experience, presents a folk yingchun feast with both cultural innovation and ancient city charm for all citizens and tourists. 

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