Loopring CEO Daniel Wang Featured on Forbes

February 12 10:23 2018

Wang Describes Qualities That Define Great Leaders. According to Loopring Founder and CEO Daniel Wang, there are eight essential qualities that every business leader needs to have in order to inspire employees and grow a successful company.

Wang recently shared those ideas with Forbes, one of the leading business media sites in the world. The article is a testament to Wang’s own leadership at Loopring and the work he’s done to expand the business in a short amount of time.

Loopring is a decentralized, open-source protocol that uses innovative technology to solve the biggest problems of modern centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. It enhances existing technology through an automated order ring-mining system that shields users from counterparty risks and increases the security, liquidity, and transparency of all transactions. 

Loopring also serves as a decentralized exchange protocol across crypto tokens, creating an unparalleled level of convenience in a rising cryptocurrency market. Tokens remain in a user’s control through the trading lifecycle, unlike other services that place tokens in a centralized exchange wallet.

Wang’s experience building Loopring from the ground up made him the perfect candidate to talk with Forbes about what makes a great leader. In the interview, he described the passion and enthusiasm that are needed to truly make a product successful, drawing a comparison to Elon Musk’s passion for space flight and the SpaceX project. 

He also discussed the loyalty that leaders need to show to their teams and to their colleagues in order to make business relationships successful.

“Great leaders see themselves as being in a position of service to their team members,” Wang told Forbes. “Employees who believe leadership is loyal to them are much more likely to show their own loyalty when it matters.”

Wang exhibits those same qualities in everything he does at Loopring. The company passed a major milestone last fall when it was added to the HitBTC Bitcoin exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Loopring’s unique design has also eliminated the issue of liquidity for all cryptocurrency holders. While the platform will initially support Ethereum’s ERC20 Tokens, it will gradually expand to support other blockchains with smart-contract capabilities such as NEO, Qtum, and EOS. This will create a blockchain-agnostic protocol on one single platform, eliminating the need to list tokens on multiple exchanges and eliminating high listing fees.

Those decisions were made under Wang’s leadership, and he considers the ability to be decisive another key skill for business leaders to have. Managers need to act quickly under pressure and stand behind their decisions, even if things don’t work out as planned.

Wang also believes that too many companies are lead astray by managers who are simply not good at their jobs. A leader needs to have a strong understanding of the company’s products and services in addition to a strong command of the business world. Without that integrity, it’s difficult to build and maintain relationships.

“When people see evidence that leaders lack integrity, that can be nearly impossible to recover from,” Wang said. “Trust lost is difficult to get back.”

Wang brought years of experience to the table when he founded Loopring. Prior to creating the company, he worked as Senior Software Engineer and Tech-Lead at Google and served as Senior Director of Engineering at JD.com and Senior Director & Blockchain Researcher of Zhongan Technology. He is a co-founding member of both Hygene Inc. and Yunrang (Beijing) Information Technology Limited, and founded cryptocurrency exchange Coinport in 2014. 

The company is on track to achieve great things as the cryptocurrency market continues to expand. Loopring coin is currently undervalued according to several major market indicators, so it has plenty of room to grow. 

Loopring’s unique design and features make it the most powerful trading protocol on the digital market. It offers the security that investors desire in a promising cyber economy and will bring a new level of quality to the cryptocurrency market moving forward.

Wang will be there every step of the way leading the company with the poise and charisma that he feels is essential to building and sustaining a successful company.

“People at all levels of an organization find it easy to relate to them and follow their lead,” Wang concluded.

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