The story of the blockchain and the bright future of the energy-saving chain

February 07 22:57 2018

Before and after the 2018 New year, the block chain is very popular. On December 7, 2017, the price of Bitcoin soared to nearly $20,000 trillion, nearly 20 times of the price in early 2017.

In 2008, a paper by Nakamoto proclaimed the birth of bitcoin, a digital currency. The underlying technology of Bitcoin, the blockchain, has also gradually entered the public view. In addition to the ups and downs of bitcoin that experienced a wave of ups and downs before and after 2013, the uncommon vocabulary of “blockchain” has received no public attention.

This time may not be the same as before. The original “coin party” and “chain party” almost no intersection, people of coin party have been low-profile mining these years, “chain party” people mainly study the bottom block of the block chain technology and scene landing. Now, however, the two parties are merging, with the coin party heavily investing in the underlying blockchains and teams in the blockchain, as well as a large number of landing projects; and at the same time, the bigwigs of the party have begun to enter the field of artificial intelligence which also requires massive computational power.

Bitcoin has two major bull markets, and the first wave of the bull market is bitcoin-based good news from the Federal Reserve, bringing its price to $ 1147.79. The second-largest bull market, which started in early 2017 and lasted for a year, pushed prices above $ 10,000. The second major bull market is ico. Although ico halted in China, it still exists in other countries. Among the factors that have sparked ICO for two years, technological progress is the foundation. Blockchain divided into three kinds, the public chain, Union chain, private chain. In the case of the super-ledgers in Ethereum and the affiliate chain that affect the larger public chain, for example, tremendous progress has been made in the past few years.

Throughout 2018, blockchain news, projects filled the entire Internet, even the just-held Davos Forum also has a separate section of the blockchain technology to explore. There are not many blockchain projects in mainland China, with only 18. However, if you count Hong Kong, there are 46. And blockchain technology in the financial, traceability of agricultural products has been the actual application of the floor, the future blockchain will be applied to more areas you can not think of.

The term “blockchain” is difficult to understand, but in fact it is just a distributed database technology.


Based on the above discussion, Thailand KCP Energy Saving Co., Ltd. announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen Shangnong Group Xiamen Branch (Central Enterprise) and Hengli Shengtai Graphene Technology Co., Ltd. (Sino-foreign joint venture) to form a graphene nanotechnology laboratory to promote graphene Socialization of Nanotechnology. The energy-saving chain came into being. The energy-saving chain is a technology that combines the blockchain with “energy saving”. With the technical characteristics of blockchain decentralization and distributed database, the energy-saving technology breaks through the limitations of traditional technologies. As a new application of the blockchain, the energy-saving chain makes energy conservation more developed, safe and has more learning.

Energy-saving chain also has the following characteristics: (1) mechanized network (2) highly automated (3) targeted computing (4) to avoid risks (5) highly intelligent (6) the future growth. And is a complete ecological environment, including the main body of the energy-saving chain, energy-saving chain miners mode, energy-saving chain application scenarios three components, these three parts co-dependent and interact to form a complete eco-environment chain.

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