The Himalayan ROI Takes A Growth Leap With NeuroMarketing Lab Creation

February 06 13:40 2018

CHANDIGARH, INDIA – February 6th, 2018 – Nowadays, “breaking through and breaking relevant” is every business’s ultimate goal. In a world where everyone follows their own “main course” Marketing recipe, Himalayan ROI aims to be the dessert. The company is poised to cross a new frontier with neuromarketing, which is both a technique and an advanced tool that helps trigger the emotional part of the brain – the side which is unknowingly responsible for a considerable amount of purchasing decisions.

The Himalayan ROI’s dedicated neuromarketing lab is comprised of a team of research scientists, marketers, and analysts, that work together to dig deep into the consumer’s subconscious decision-making side. With the credibility of 48 of their existing clients from India, USA, and Saudi Arabia, The Himalayan ROI’s efforts contribute to the generation of in excess of $800,000 in business, on a monthly basis.

“Since our company’s inception, we have been disrupting traditional digital marketing strategies – unlike regular marketing companies, which have been relying on dated marketing and consulting models. However, we now want to take our creative decisions on a whole other level, by basing them on data,” says Sachin Gupta, Founder, The Himalayan ROI.

Mr. Gupta further explained, “Our analysts and scientists work together to bring end-customers’ subconscious thoughts to the conscious fold. We bridge the gap between what the viewer wants to see and what marketers show them.”

“Going by the books, the reptilian side of our brain is also the fastest, and drives initial impulses, whereas our limbic side is what then processes the emotions and interprets it our decisions. For example, a picture of a baby will definitely appeal to the eye. As per neuromarketers, the baby should be looking at the product, in order to create that urge to shoppers to want to buy it. This is what neuromarketing is all about, and therefore, we cannot miss its importance in marketing.”

Concluding his statements, Mr. Gupta provided an analogy “If marketing is like the dating app Tinder, neuromarketing is like the selfie which will make the world swipe right for you.”

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