Bitcoin Star Is a Rising Star in Blockchain Industry with Huge Potential

February 05 12:37 2018

Bitcoin Star (BCS) officially said that they had successfully branched out from 50,2999 which is the block height of bitcoins. The abbreviation of Bitcoin Star is BCS, whose official website is The original intention that BCS foundation created BCS is to find value for the lost Bitcoins and inactive accounts. Secondly, BCS didn’t not branch for the sake of branching, but it hopes to improve the pain points in terms of BTS’s technology and application and lets BCS bring better customer experience, scence application and technology upgrading. At the same time, BCS also inherited the POW mechanism UTXO mode and other advantages of Bitcoin, and its block time and half time are the same as that of Bitcoin. The total circulation of BCS 21 billion, and the active bitcoin address will get the corresponding BCS at 1:1000, and there is no additional issuance and pre-digging.

BCS was created and led by BCS FOUNDATION. BCS block size is 8 MB, and it supports increases segregation witness through increasing block size, which greatly increased the transaction speed and experience. BCS will increase the support for playback protection, zero-knowledge proof, smart contracts and lightning network.

In future, BCS team will work with experts hand inside and outside the industry to constantly innovate and change. BCS will continue make efforts in technology upgrading and ecological system constructing, continuously broaden its application boundary, and let the blocks chain better fuse into life and serve the public through BCS ecosystem.

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