ESL Activities for the Classroom – Ideas for handouts, surveys and more

February 01 14:01 2018

“ESL Activities for the Classroom” by Natalie S. Johnson
Teachers of English as a second language will find the materials in Natalie S. Johnson’s “ESL Activities for the Classroom” a great addition to their box of tricks.

Teaching English as a second language can be as rewarding as it can be challenging. Having the right tools can make all the difference. If a teacher has the right materials, the right knowledge, and the right extras, the whole experience will be more fruitful for them and their students. The new book by Natalie S. Johnson is a must-have for teachers of ESL who want  their classes to be varied and productive. It contains a useful selection of ESL activities with ideas for handouts, surveys and organizers, as well as other topics useful for short stay programs with young learners.

Fun and learning are one and the same in the book “ESL Activities for the Classroom” by Natalie S. Johnson. If students have fun, they are more likely to retain what they have learned. Keep your students active and involved, and you’ll see their marks improve. They will become more confident in their active use of English rather than merely learning vocabulary and rules by heart.

“ESL Activities for the Classroom” by Natalie S. Johnson is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7439-8924-5. tredition assists young and unknown authors with publishing their own books, but also cooperates with publishers and publishing houses. tredition publishes books in print and digital formats, distributes locally and online, and actively markets all titles.

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