MAP supported by Arrow Electronics launches fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for MAP Health Watcher project.

October 30 23:40 2017
MAP supported by Arrow Electronics announces the launch of fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for MAP Health Watcher project.

MAP, a group of medical professionals, mathematicians, and developers and Arrow Electronics, a $23 billion leading global technology company with thousands of engineers, exclusive design tools, marketing support and warehousing and distribution expertise, has announced Indiegogo campaign for MAP Health Watcher project. MAP has expertise in building scientifically grounded algorithms that can help analyze real-time health data for identifying the very earliest signs of illnesses.

“With MAP Health Watcher, you can get the first health signs of underlying heart ailments, get treated faster and live longer,” says the spokesperson for the project. “Heart attack always gives out some warning signs early and detecting these signs could save your life. MAP Health Watch is designed to monitor six vital signs 24 hours a day, making it possible to detect emerging medical problems, such as heart disease and infection, even before they produce any visible symptoms.”

MAP Health Watcher provides detailed and extensive data currently possible. This offers doctors the level of support they could have hardly imagined. It helps them in providing their patients the best possible chance of living a longer and healthier life.

The developers of MAP Health Watcher initially thought that they could use existing smartwatches to provide the data they needed to develop a cloud-based health service based on the latest data analysis techniques. However, they discovered that the wearables on the market were neither designed nor capable of delivering the quality of data needed for serious medical use. This was because of the poor quality sensors that were imprecise and only provided very scattered data points. No Smartwatch available on the market had the combination of five sensors that they wanted to use as the basis of the MAP Health Watcher service.

This forced the company to spend time and resources on hardware development too. The doctors and scientists have worked hard on refining the artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning mechanisms of the MAP Health Watcher. They have successfully eliminated unwanted noise from the data and have overcome numerous other similar issues. This refined and revised version of this medical-grade wearable device is capable of delivering data of high and reliable quality. This data can support the cloud-based service driven by the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

MAP Health Watcher is a truly revolutionary device as medical professionals can collect and process data in real time by simply asking the patients to wear it. If there are any serious concerns, then steps can be taken to address the problem quickly. The patients are notified about the problem quickly and the medical team provides customized advice.

MAP is available in steel casing and in a shock-proof sapphire crystal glass. It is water resistant and has a 1.2 inch AMOLED display.

The fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo has a flexible financial goal of $150,000 with a month left to meet the target.

About MAP Health Watcher:

MAP Health Watcher has been developed by MAP and Arrow Electronics. It is a wearable device for measuring six vital signs of health 24 hours a day. It is designed to provide detailed and extensive data by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.


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